How many children can be taught at the same time, and what ages?

A maximum of four (4) children can be taught at the same time. Mixed ages are OK but all children should be at a similar level of learning.

Does my pool need any special requirement?

No, a standard swimming pool is fine as long as it is clean, and the chemistry levels safe. All training equipment is brought to the lesson by the instructor.

How do I track my child's progress?

As children gain a specific accomplishment they will receive a certificate identifying their achievement. Setting goals and providing feedback is very important to us and ensures that the children's hard work and successes are rewarded.

Why not teach at a public swimming pool?

Swimming schools at public swimming centres are aimed at volume. After several years of teaching in this environment I found thtat individual attention was not possible in large groups. Teaching in familiar surroundings also overcomes much of the anxiety a child feels which can affect their learning.

When is the swimming period?

If the pool is not heated then the swimming period will generally be October to April. Heated pools can extend this period.


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