Fee Structure

Pricing is a fixed rate and covers 1-4 children in the same session.

  • 30min class     $50
  • 45min class     $75
  • 60min class     $90

 A deposit for the first four classes is required to confirm the booking.

The cost for a lesson is a flat rate, therefore the more children you include in the lesson the less it cost per child, Please note, that a smaller student to instructor ratio means more instructuor time for the student. This however also gives you the opportunity to invite family or friends to your location to do the class together. Increased instructor time will result in a more rapid improvement and skill development.

Examples of Cost per child for larger groups:

  • 4 x children in a 1/2 hr lesson = $12.50 each
  • 8 x children in a 1 hour lesson (2 x 30min sessions) = $11.25 each


Payment Options: Direct Deposit, Cash on First Lesson


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